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  • What are the features of using My Water of Las Vegas?
    *NO Contract *NO Cancel fees *NO hidden fees *Free Delivery *Delivery every 2 weeks *Reminder text for residential accounts before each delivery *Bottles have handles *Spillproof caps *Invoicing every delivery or once a month *Payments can be made by Debic/Credit Card, Check, Zelle or Cash
  • What types of water are offered?
    Alkaline, Purified.
  • What is the difference in your water?
    Purified is processed using carbon filtration, micro carbon filtration, 9-stage RO system, UV light, and bottled with ozonation. Alkaline is our purified water with natural alkaline mix consisting of Potasium and Magnesium added to create a 9.5 pH level. Electrolyte is our purified water with a Potasium, Magnesium, and Calcium mix added.
  • What if I need extra water?
    You can get extra water on your delivery by simply texting back to the reminder text about the delivery. You can also leave a note with the bottles for extra water. If water is needed between deliveries, you can call or text your request, and we will deliver as quickly as possible.
  • How often are deliveries made?
    Every 3 weeks is the standard delivery schedule. If usage requires deliveries more often, accommodations will be made. One time deliveries are made for special events or volume purchasing.
  • How can I pay?
    An invoice is sent once a month which has a link to pay by debit or credit card. Check and Cash is also accepted. With prior arrangements Zelle and Venmo are available.
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